Nash+Jones Seed Oil Cleanser

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The most gentle daily cleanser.

A blend of high quality non-comedogenic oils to remove dirt and makeup and kill bacteria on skin.

USE: 2x Daily Cleanser

SKIN TYPE: Normal to Dry

Simply apply a few drops of oil to wet hands and gently massage in small circular motions into skin and eye area (closed eye) to remove dirt and makeup.  Soak our super soft bamboo cloth in hot water to give a warm steam wipe of the oils and residue they have loosened and removed.

N+J also has super soft bamboo cloth pad is naturally antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic, designed to be very gentle on skin.  It is dual-sided with one side a super soft Bamboo Velour and the other side a luxurious Bamboo Fleece.  A new cloth pad comes with each Seed Cleansing Oil order.  {machine washable with whites, air dry}