Nash+Jones Seed Facial Serum (Sensitive Skin)

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Concentrated daily face/neck Hydrator for clean skin. Replaces Moisturizers and lotions.

USE: 2x daily after cleansing.  Can apply on wet or dry skin. If the oil does not sink into skin within a few minutes, try using a smaller amount each time.

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive Skin Formula is for Normal to Oily skin plus those prone to breakouts or Original Formula is for Normal to Dry skin

Serums are highly concentrated moisturizing treatments that penetrate deep and deliver only active ingredients to skin. Our serum is designed to hydrate while balancing skin tone/complexion, regulating natural oil production, reducing appearance of redness/scarring/acne/wrinkles/fine lines.

By using only quality oils that have been derived naturally, oils that our skin recognizes and are similar to our own oil production, we keep the natural cycle of exfoliation running smoothly to prevent clogged pores that cause blemishes.  We skip the filler ingredients that actually counteract the good ingredients.  This all equates to a youthful glow due to even skin tones, clear skin and consistent hydration.